Pipoli Project – Building is underway!

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The first house is built!

Thanks to generous donations made to Loving Arms Mission, and a partnership with Woven Earth, a North Carolina based non-profit organization, safe, sustainable, and earthquake resistant homes are now being built in the village of Pipoli.

Pipoli is located 3 hours west of Kathmandu in Kumbur VDC (Village Development Committee), Dhading District, which was demolished in the devastating earthquakes of April and May 2015.

Dhading district

All of 161 residents of Pipoli, comprising 31 families, currently reside in small temporary shelters made from sheet metal tarps and bamboo, which are cold in the winter (December – February), hot in the summer (March – May), loud in the rainy season (June – September), and will not last more than a few years. Shelters are used for grain and food storage together with families and their belongings.The farmers of Pipoli are cash and resource poor with no apparent sources of income besides growing tomatoes and corn, which they carry 2 hours to the highway to sell wholesale to shops. Most families keep goats, chickens, cow or buffalo for meat and dairy. This earthquake relief project qualifies as charitable purpose, as it is impossible for the residents of Pipoli to rebuild without outside resource and technical assistance.

Plastering the inside of the first house

Over the winter and spring of 2016 (December – June 2016) the partnership began conducting practical trainings in Pipoli village of the Earthbag/Super-Adobe earthquake resistant building technology; managing and supervising the local residents in building permanent small farm-houses for each family via a voluntary cooperative system; and providing rebuilding materials for each household.

Now, the first homes are being completed.  Thanks to all the donors, Woven Earth’s site manager Kathryn Kaspar and to Kent for making this possible!

The third house

The inside of the second house

Sani, a 19 year old who works non-stop

Bhimsen Ghale is a 65 year old man who is strong as an ox. He just keeps working all day