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December 5, 2011

  • Tihar

  • Tihar

  • Suman, Isaac and Kris

  • Suman

  • Sangita

  • Mina

  • Kumar

  • Kris

  • Jitendra

  • Bina

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  • The Loving Arms Mission auction is going great so far! There are lots of cool things you might want to bid on, and some items that haven't had any bids can be had for a steal! For instance, this gift basket from the Bryn Athyn Co-op is worth $60.00, plus a $40.00 year coop membership, for a total value of $100.00!!!! Starting bid is only $50.00, so you basically are making money, and getting awesome healthy food! Thanks BA Organic Food Co-op!

  • We've had some really cool new items donated in the last few days, including this: 2 tickets to the Pennsyvania Ballet's Midsummer Night's Dream. The ticket vouchers are good for the matinee performance on Saturday March 9 or Sunday March 17, and the seats are excellent! And of course, the proceeds go directly to help the Loving Arms Mission orphans.

  • Hey, what is this? Another newly added item to the Loving Arms auction? Why yes it is! It is a signed copy of the new CD by Carla Bean, called Mess Of Things. Go have a listen at her website and then come bid on this awesome CD. Thanks for donating, Carla Bean!

  • Today's featured auction item: Audio Course: Life & Writings of CS Lewis. Fans of CS Lewis will find this course of 12 lectures from the Teaching Company fascinating. Great to listen to in the car!

  • Today's featured auction item is an audio series of 24 30 minute lectures on Abraham Lincoln and his words. This course, and others also available in the auction, are great to listen to if you have a long commute. They are taught by highly rated professors from various universities and colleges.

  • Look at this gorgeous hand-painted silk scarf by Judy Merrell! This is available in the LAM auction and all proceeds directly support the Loving Arms children. Thanks to all who have donated items and all who have bid. Your generosity is so touching!

  • Only 6 more days until the Loving Arms Mission auction closes. It's been going really well so far, thanks to the wonderful donations people have made and all the people who have bid on them. Here is a print of an amazing watercolor painting of the Bryn Athyn Cathedral by Peggy Merrell. You know you want to bid on this! And all proceeds help older LAM children in their transition to adulthood. Thank you friends!

  • This gorgeous quilt in purples was donated by Anna Ziegner, vice president of Philadelphia modern quilt guild. Exquisite pattern and all hand quilted! All proceeds go to help the children of Loving Arms Mission.

  • Tavia Hach Pellani made this beautiful garden stone. It is a beautiful accent for your garden, and a beautiful truth to live by. <3

  • Only 4 more days to bid! It's getting exciting! Ann Buss painted this grumpy kitty, and you can bid on it and many other items lovingly donated to help the Lovings Arms orphans. Who can resist that face?

  • The kind people at Blue Banyon offer yoga classes for people of all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced, including classes for people with disabilities. They have donated a 5 class gift certificate to the LAM auction, and nobody has bid on it yet, so you can get a real bargain. It's in Mt. Airy, and they are wonderful people there. Only 4 more days to bid!

  • Two pounds of the sweetest, freshest pecans you can imagine. Shipped straight from the trees of Georgia to you. Yum Yum Yum! Less than 4 days before we close -- go check out all the cool things you can bid on to support the Loving Arms orphans.

  • Only 3 days left to bid! Featured auction item: Two tickets to a show at People's Light and Theater! You pick the show you want to see. One of the best theaters in the Philly area, and that's saying something!

  • Two days left to bid on some wonderful items and help the LAM orphans at the same time. The Bulldog Brothers will play at your event! Need entertainment for a birthday party or graduation party? You can bid to have these gentleman play and sing for you. You can listen to get a feel for the sound here:

  • LAST DAY to bid!!!! Go for it everybody -- and thank you for your support. Including these Bliss Candies! Box of 15 home-made, protein and vitamin-rich raw candies. A healthy and delicious snack or dessert. Contains almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut (oil and flakes), sesame seeds, molasses, maple syrup, honey, cocoa, chocolate chips, cinnamon made by pastry chef Sharon Wit. All proceeds go directly to help the Loving Arms Mission orphans. Let's end with a flurry!

  • Ooops -- i was mixed up about when the auction ends (this is Mandy). I'm sorry! It actually ends tomorrow, Friday March 1 at 6 pm. Sorry! That's more time to bid on things like a DVD course on Leonardo DaVinci! and lots of other cool courses from the Great Courses series. Taught by top notch college professors, these courses are so fascinating.

  • Kumar at school. What a beautiful smile!

  • We are happy to share the wonderful news that Puja, who was one of the first children to come to Loving Arms Misison, has been accepted into National College's new International Law campus. Congratulations, Puja! And thank you to all our supporters who have enabled her to reach this stage of success. A special word out to her sponsors, Tessa and Larken Rose--thanks so much. — with Puza Thapa Magar.

  • This photograph by Alison Glenn Larsen is one of several wonderful works of art donated to the Loving Arms auction. Lots of new items including restaurant vouchers, books and home-made craft items have been donated to the auction since it started! Also, if you didn't check a little box on your account when you registered, you will not be notified when you are outbid. To opt in to be notified when you are outbid, go to My Account and select Account Details from the drop down menu. There is a little box to check.

  • Featured item: A sampler of 5 books from Fountain Publishing. There is a book for everyone in the family in this collection of beautiful, inspiring books.

  • Meet the new HEAD CHEF at a high quality restaurant that is about to open in a shwanky area of Kathmandu! Congratulations Pasang! He had to cook for forty people as a test and he got rave reviews. Great Job! Pasang was among the first five children to come to Loving Arms Mission 15 years ago! Thank you friends for supporting Pasang and all the Loving Arms children. <3

  • Pasang has begun as head chef at The Spot, a brand new restaurant. He has received excellent reviews and business is already roaring despite it being the fifth day. Shovha and I will be there tonight! We love you Pasang! We're proud of you!

  • I hope everybody is enjoying our newsletter! If you would like a copy, please let us know (you can send us a message or write it in the comments below). This beautiful flower mandala is called a rangoli, and the children made it in school.

Untitled Album

  • Bina, Sangita, Mina, Amrita

  • Sunita, Puja, Alisha

  • Kismat, the kids' music teacher

  • Evan and Avia watching the older kids singing

  • Mina, Amrita, Sunita, Puja, Alisha

  • From L-R" Bina, Sangita, Mina, Amrita, Sunita, Puja, Alisha

Untitled Album

  • Happy birthday, Rajendra Rogers!

Untitled Album

  • With his brother Nick

  • Trekking some more!

  • Leading the trek!

  • Ganesh chilling at the dining table.

  • Ganesh receiving the seven colored Tihar Tika blessing from Puja and his other sisters.

  • Ganesh with Mom

  • Here is Ganesh in the Langtang region of the Himalayas

  • Here is Ganesh after participating in his first running competition.

  • This is in the heart of the Annapurna Sanctuary, a bowl within some of the highest mountains on earth.

Recent Rafting Trip! SUPER FUN!

Triathlon, 2013

June 2013

  • Singing songs in church

  • Kumar

  • Kumar washing clothes. Check out our new pump!

  • Mina braids Bina's hair for school

  • Bina and Sangita

  • Bina and Sangita getting ready for school

  • Jonathan

  • Jonathan

  • Jonathan playing basketball

  • Rupendra polishing school shoes

  • Rajan

  • Rajan off to school on his beloved bike

  • Jitendra

  • Breakfast at our new table

  • Rajan

  • Rajan

  • Rajan, our resident gardener

  • Rupendra Paudel

  • Rupendra Paudel

  • Mina

  • Mina gets a trim from Shovha

Peek at the Week #2

Peek at the Week #3

A birthday party

  • Suman, Rajan

  • Kris, Rajendra

  • Sunita, Bina

  • Rupendra

  • Kumar, Rajendra, Jonathan

  • Sharmilla, Kumar, Ganesh, Rajendra, Jonathan

  • Sharmilla

  • Sunita

  • Avia Puja, Sunita

  • Sangita

  • Sunita, Bina

  • Kris

  • Suman

  • Rajan

  • Ganesh

  • Sharmilla, Ganesh

  • Sangita, Mina

  • Sunita, Sharmilla, Puja

  • Sunita

  • Rajan

  • Sharmilla

Peek of the Week #4

Peak of the Week or Peek at the Week? #5

It's Isaac's Birthday!

Promised Photos of the fields

Untitled Album

Mading Mandalas for Tihar

  • All finished!

  • Add candles or oil lamps.

  • It's a messy project!

  • Apply the colors onto your design.

  • Get the pigments ready.

  • First prepare the ground with oil or mud.

Dancing and Singing for Tihar

  • This group is Suman (last on right) and his friends.

  • Alisha and her boyfriend Anish doing a humerous dance.

  • Alisha is on the far left.

  • This group is Alisha and her friends, wearing traditional Nepali clothes.

  • Here is the reward for their dancing and singing.

  • This group was raising money for restoration and repair of public places in our neighborhood.

Giving and Receiving Tikas on Tihar

  • Happy Tihar from our family to all our supporters!