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Loving Arms Mission

Formed in 1997, the Loving Arms Mission is a not-for-profit organization based in Bryn Athyn,PA. We are a charitable organization registered as a 501 (c) (3) with the US federal government, and we are also registered with the Pennsylvania State Bureau of Charitable Organizations. The purpose of the Loving Arms Mission is to provide exceptional care to orphaned, abandoned and at risk children on all levels of their being–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We provide this care by raising and channeling funds to orphanages and children’s homes which are well-run by dedicated staff and which provide what we deem to be the best possible care.

Our goal is the wellbeing of the children we help. We believe that true wellbeing exists only as a result of the fulfillment of the natural needs, food, clothing, shelter and healthcare in conjunction with the nourishment of a child’s heart, mind and spirit as well. What follows is an explanation of how we attempt to properly nourish these needs of our children.

Loving Arms Mission: The Family Model

Since the inception of the Loving Arms Mission, we have pursued the family as the model on which to base our homes. The two orphanages which we have created in Nepal are both built on this family model with a mother, a father and a ‘small’ number of children–ten to twelve. The individuals who fulfill the roles of mother and father are not just staff, but in effect adoptive parents for all the kids. This being the case, they realize that their duties do not end at the end of the work day, nor do they end once the children have grown. Our staff realizes that by committing to the role of mother or father in one of our children’s homes, they are committing to the care of a child in the same way an adoptive parent commits to the care of his or her child. It is, in fact, the same commitment biological parents provide to their children. Our staff agrees to this lifetime commitment. This is one aspect of what makes our children’s homes exceptional. This is one of the ways we attempt to provide for the emotional and spiritual needs of our children.

The value of this model has already been proven. In Nepal, there are many orphans and many orphanages. When we first began setting up our homes and registering them with the government, we were told repeatedly from various individuals to expect that at least a few of our kids would run away. We were told to expect a lot of rebellion and trouble from the children as they grew older. And while we certainly have gone through a lot of ups and downs, turmoil and troubles, as is typical of any family, we’ve never had a single child run away or enter any serious trouble. We believe this is in part due to the fact that our children know that they are valued and loved as members of a very special family.

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