The Destruction – From Sharmilla

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After some days, the news was flashed about the death and those victimized. Everybody was sad and stressed about the news. The place where I was born, Sindhupalchowk, was destroyed. 85 percent of the houses were destroyed and many people died. With my dad and my sisters and brothers, I went to help and support my village in Sindhupalchowk where my relatives live. I saw that the houses there all had gone and my relatives had gone through a tough time. They were staying in the field with all the other villagers, sharing their situation.

I felt so cold and sad while listening to them. One of my relatives was inside the collapsed house, still alive, but nobody knew she was there. Other family members began looking for her, thinking she must be dead, but found her alive. When I heard this, I thought God had really blessed her and gave her a new life.  And she said that she was lucky, that something was right at her head, protecting her.  I went not only to my village to help, but also other places with my family, such as Nuwakot, Pipal Dada, Dhading and Basantapur. I was so happy to help the  victimized people as helping others made me feel like I was doing something good.