May 12, 2015 Second Major Earthquake

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Today, a second quake of 7.2 magnitude rocked Nepal. We have heard that both LAM families are safe and both houses are (more or less) intact. Kent, Rajendra, and others are leading daily support missions to distribute food and tarps, specifically targeting villages that have not received any aid since the first earthquake.  Money donated by Loving Arms Mission supporters has directly provided much-needed support to hundreds of Nepali families. THANK YOU for your support!

As soon as the effort shifts from emergency survival needs, Kent plans to host a series of workshops to teach low cost, safe, and sustainable building techniques. The goal is to help avoid the catastrophic death toll Nepal endured during the first earthquake and provide much needed shelter in the impending monsoon season.  Your donations are needed to support the families of Loving Arms Mission as they continue to do this incredibly important work.  Please click the donate button above to help make an immediate difference in the lives of many.  You may indicate that you wish the funds to go specifically to earthquake relief or to the LAM general fund by clicking “Add special instructions to recipient.”

For daily updates and incredible photos and stories from Nepal, please visit the Loving Arms Mission Facebook Group

Thank you for your love and prayers, friends.