Giving Back – from Rajendra

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In the days after the earthquake we went to donate blood and volunteered in the Bir Hospital, which was filled with people. Later we went to Basantpur, which is one of the world heritage sites that was totally devastated. Even the pigeons on the temple which could have flown were dead, which means that for humans to have survived would be impossible. The place was a very heart-breaking sight. We helped by carrying logs of the fallen temples, and some helped by carrying bricks and other stuff. Although it was tough and tiring, somewhere inside I felt very happy that I could be of some use and that I could help other people as a whole, my country. I wished I could do something more.

After that day, we started going to different places to distribute relief materials to the earthquake victims. Sometimes we had to dig the road, most of the times we had to push to make the van to get over the burden. We had to make river crossings to get to the affected places. The houses were totally devastated. Some people had nothing to eat at all since all their belongings were buried. The people looked sad and depressed. When we started distributing relief materials to them they were very happy. The smiles on their faces made us, me very happy. It made me want to help as much as I could. It was like I wanted to see more of those happy faces. We did this distributing work for about a month. It was a once in a lif

Rajendra, Rajann and Prem

etime experience.