Giving Back – From Puja

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I will always remember the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred on April 25 in Nepal. It was like the same regular Saturday until it occurred, and we all were running for our lives. It was scary and depressing. That earthquake made me realize that anything can happen in our lives. I have had experience with small earthquakes many times before and it was nothing until that day because a lot of people lost their lives, home, friends and family. It was so depressing to hear the numbers of deaths on the radio and you could not do anything to help. I felt so hopeless and useless. To get rid of those feelings I did my best to grab any opportunities that I could to help others.

After receiving a huge donation from Loving Arms Mission and from other sources, Kent Rogers, our father, and Shovha Rogers, our mother, worked really hard to start a relief distribution program, and we were invited to help. It went really well. I am glad I got that chance, and I will treasure it for the rest of my life. We visited major affected areas of Sindhupalchowk for relief distribution which made me happy but also sad. It was heartbreaking to see all destruction and the conditions of the victims. Building shelters for earthquake victims with my friends from college was also fun. We also did some volunteering at the hospital and did some labor on heritage sites. I am very glad I got to do all those things to help others.