Earthquake experiences – From Mina

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During the earthquake, it was a horrible time for me. I felt really sad as well as angry and irritated and afraid.  I was worried about the people who lost their homes.  It was a really sad time.  I felt afraid because I didn’t even get any messages from my family in a village in Sindupalwhcok, until after a week had passed.

When I saw all the destruction, I felt I wanted to help some people. My small help could make them feel encouraged to live even though they have lost everything. I didn’t think my small help might make people happy and bring a smile to their sad and hopeless faces; but while we were giving what we could, I saw happiness on their faces.

It was such a great moment for me.  And I remember that God told us that we find happiness in our effect on others’ feelings: if we can make others happy and make their life nice, then I feel like I got everything I want.