Earthquake experiences – From Bina

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When the earthquake came it was about 12:40 PM.  I had just reached my room when suddenly the windows started banging faster and faster, wind blew very fast, and it started to shake.  At that point, I was a little bit confused, like “Is this really an earthquake?”   It took me some seconds to realize that it was. Then I screamed and rand downstairs as fast as I could. I was up on the third floor and I got downstairs in a second.  Everybody was downstairs in the kitchen and were each holding a pillar.  Well I didn’t get one. I was running here and there for something to hold. Running all over screaming for a pillar to hold, I was like a mad person. The shaking was so hard that I still can remember it.  It was like, “This is it.  I’m dead. I had so many things to do in my life, I had dreams, and I am going to die in a few seconds. Then all my desires will be crushed by this earthquake.”  I was 100% sure I was going to die.  I didn’t have even a little hope. It was amazing to have experienced a very terrible earthquake. The bookcases in our living room fell.  The water from the tank under our house was all over the floor. Our house was such a mess. It was like we were almost to the point of death and then came back.  That was how my experience of the earthquake was.