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Loving Arms Mission: Education

Education is also important to us. In Nepal there are basically three classes of schools: government-run schools; private English-language based schools; and foreign run schools. Foreign run schools provide exceptional education but their fees also exceed what we are able to budget, as of yet. However, our children attend Rarahil Memorial School, an English-language Montessori based private school. The facilities are comparatively very good and the education is also very good relative to Nepal standards.

Over and above their education at school, our children are also provided with homework help and professional tutoring at home. We also provide our children with extra-curricular activities and education according to their interests. Our children take Tae Kwon Do classes and some have already become black-belts. Some of our children have taken music lessons, piano, drums, guitar and bass. Whatever our children express interest in, from chess to basketball, dance to art; we provide opportunities for them to explore these interests.

Our staff also provides homeschooling at times. Since 1999, when LAM began operation in Nepal, the Nepali government has been unstable much of the time. Strikes and closures of schools, sometimes for prolonged periods of time have been common. At these times our staff provided homeschooling to our children. Physics, complete with experiments, algebra, music (theory, practice and appreciation), art, history, English grammar and English literature were some of the subjects offered. It was actually fun, too.

Higher education is also a real possibility for those who do well. We are hoping that many, with hard work and determination, will be able to enter college in the US.

Loving Arms Mission: Outings

Education isn’t confined to formalized learning. Life education includes exploration of the world around us and within us. For this reason, and just for the sake of fun, we have taken our children several times on adventures out in the rugged and astounding Nepali natural environment. We’ve toured Chitwan National Park where atop elephants we wandered through the lowland jungle and saw rhinos, deer, boar, two varieties of crocodiles and many other animals.

We’ve also been blessed to have the opportunity to trek in the Langtang Mountains as well as all around the mountains and hills surrounding Kathmandu. During these treks we were able to see breathtaking views of the grandest mountains on earth. We also saw all manner of flora and fauna. Because of Nepal’s tremendous mountains, its climate ranges from hot and sultry in the lowland jungles to arctic-like conditions at the glacier strewn mountain tops. Nearly the entire range of earth’s climates and consequent habitats can be seen in Nepal during a ten-day walk. For this reason, Nepal is a storehouse containing some of the richest biodiversity to be found anywhere on the globe.

We’ve toured the beautiful lake town of Pokhara, nestled in the Annapurna mountain range. We’ve boated on lakes, rafted and canoed on rivers and explored caves. We’ve visited museums, areas of ancient architecture and attended cultural programs. We go to the movies. We go bowling. We go shopping. We eat out together. In short, we do as any family does if able. We are blessed to be able. We thank our supporters.

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