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Loving Arms Mission: High Quality Provisions

Unfortunately, most children’s homes and orphanages in Nepal provide bare-minimum food and facilities to their children. Such homes are greatly overcrowded, clothes and nourishment are inadequate. There is also often a serious lack in sanitation. Clothes and buildings not to mention the children are often filthy. Bathroom facilities are sub-standard. Water is often scarce and contaminated. Lice, intestinal parasites, as well as a whole host of other health problems are rampant. Sadly, often the children basically are left to fend for themselves.

However, at the Loving Arms Mission homes, our children are very well cared for. We don’t have more than three children per room whereas some orphanages have up to forty per room. Our yard includes a basketball court and many fruit trees. We even have a little fish pond. Our children have shoes and clothing which are washed regularly. We provide a nutritious Nepali diet, including fruit, meat and vitamin supplements. Our homes are kept clean and are decorated as homes, not as institutions. We have clean bathrooms and good sanitation. Because of substandard infrastructure in Nepal and because of the scarcity of water, we are not supplied with water. Therefore, we buy trucks of water every week to keep our cisterns full. Our water is UV-radiated and filtered so that it is pure and sanitary.

Our children also receive the best medical treatment available. On arrival, all of our children receive thorough medical exams including blood testing for HIV, hepatitis, and tuberculosis. Three of our children were found to have hepatitis B. One child had active chronic hepatitis B, but with aggressive two year drug therapy it has gone into remission and his body is able to fight the virus. Another of our children was found to have tuberculosis. Again, with aggressive antibiotic therapy, her body is free from the pathogen. Apart from treating the usual coughs, colds and infections of childhood, we’ve also treated numerous major medical emergencies including appendicitis, multiple ear operations because of cholesteotoma, three broken limbs, treatment for juvenile arthritis and a double hernia operation. We also offer regular dental care.


Loving Arms Mission: Finances

One of the best things about the Loving Arms Mission is that about 90% of all the money we raise is sent directly to caring for the children. Most fundraising organizations and charities spend much larger portions of their funds on advertisement, fundraising and administration. All of our workers and board are purely volunteers, doing the hard work of fundraising out of concern for the children and not a paycheck. Our only paid staff members are those who care for the children directly. More information about the finances of the Loving Arms Mission.

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