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Meet the Children: First Home in Nepal

This is Evan Matthew Rogers, the newest member of the family. He is one year old and is the source of much joy to all.
My name is Alisha Kunwar. I am 14 years old. I study in grade 10. I love making friends. I have lots of friends in my school. I love dancing, listening to music too. Thank you so much for your help, love and support. Read more about Alisha...
Hi I am Amrita Magar. I live in Tyanglaphant, Kirtipur. I study in class six. My hobby is going out for a walk. I like to go outside with my brothers, sisters and mother and father. My schoolís name is Rarahil Memorial School. In my free time I like to dance, sing, play, clean my room and do crafts. Thank you for helping me. Read more about Amrita...
Hi, itís me Puja Magar. How are you all? I am now in grade 8. I am very glad to communicate with you. I am doing well and enjoying my life because of you all. I am very thankful to you for helping us. You all have given us new life. Iíll try my best to have success in my life. And one day, Iíll meet you all. I love you all and God bless you all.
Read more about Puja...
Hello, my name is Chandra. I would like to say thank you for helping me. I do work at the restaurant. I enjoy it. I play basketball. I enjoy it very much. I left school. My last word is thank you for helping. One thing, please can you find me a job in USA? Love Chandra.
Hi, I'm Pasang Gurung. I study in grade nine at Rarahil Memorial School. I love to study and have fun and go out with my friends. I love to do many extra activities like play basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, swimming, cycling, Tae Kwon Do etc. These make me physically fit, energetic and healthy. My hobby is to play guitar and paint pictures. And also, I love to listen to music, especially when I'm sad. It makes my mind fresh. I've lots of brothers and sisters. I love them very much. I love my family very much. This family is the greatest family I've ever seen in my life. So, I love this family very much. I love my dad and mom too. They taught me everything I'm doing up to now, and gave me a new life. Read more about Pasang...
Hi, I am Ganesh Rogers. I am in eighth grade. Now I am 14 years old. My favorite game is basketball. I also play Tae Kwon Do. I am now a black belt. I just took my black belt test and I passed it. Thank you for helping me. I am very grateful.
Hi, I am Nick Magar. What I love doing: I love listening to music, playing ball and shouting and hanging out with my friends. I am from Kathmandu Nepal. Thank you for supporting us. I know God will find you all a better place as I got one.
From Santosh: NEPAL. Our Nepal is a most beautiful country in the world. Nepal's capital is Kathmandu. It is located in the Central Development Region. There are five development regions. They are as follows: Eastern Development Region, Western Development Region, Central Development Region, Mid-western Development Region and Far-western Development Region. Nepal has many mountains, rivers, lakes, birds and animals. Nepal is second richest in water [hydro-potential] after Brazil. Nepal has one of the richest diversity of bird and insect species in the world. Some famous mountains are here: Mount Everest, Langtang, Ganesh, etc. Nepal is located between two countries. They are India and China. Read more about Santosh...
Hi, I am Rajendra. I am 14 years old. I study in grade 8. My hobbies are playing basketball, table tennis and Tae Kwon Do. I am learning bass guitar. I want to be a good bass player in the future. At last I want to say thank you very much for helping us. We love you. Read more about Rajendra...
Hi I am Sharmila Rogers. Now I'm in 7th grade. I am trying my best in my studies. My favorite game is basketball and badminton. I am 13 years old now. My hobby is playing, dancing and reading stories. My first term exam has finished. I did well in my exam. I love to play with Evan. He is small. He laughs, plays and when we pray and finish the prayer, Evan says "Amen" with us. He is a handsome boy. He calls me "Sareli." Sareli is my nickname. My mother calls me with that name all the time. I like it. I have many friends. They are very good friends. They help me. Thank you for helping me. God bless you all. Thank you! Read more about Sharmila...
Hi, I am Sunita Rogers. I live in Tyanglaphant, Kirtipur. I study in grade six, section 'B'. My roll number is 24. My hobby is to help others, and read story books. I study in Rarahil Memorial School. There are ten grades in our school. Our class teacher's name is Robin Sir. Thank you for helping us. I am very very happy for getting your help. Thank you!
Read more about Sunita...

Children with personal pages: Alisha | Amrita | Pasang | Puja | Rajendra | Santosh | Sharmila | Sunita

Meet the Children: Second Home in Nepal

Hi! I'm Jonathan. I am 15 years old. I have been living here for three years. I am studying in class 6. I love basketball and football (soccer). I like being with my friends. I like to go on trips, especially trekking. Thank you for caring about me.
Hi! My name is Rajan. I am 14 years old. I love riding my bicycle an taking care of our garden. I grow flowers and vegetables. I like to play basketball.
Namaste! My name is Suman. I live in Nepal in Tyanglaphat. I am 14 years old. I love playing basketball. I love all sports, like cricket, football, Taekwondo, volleyball, riding bicycle, running, jumping, swimming, climbing, sleeping, etc. Ha ha! We have three dogs that are very nice. I love flying kites. Thanks for your support
Hi! This is Sangita. I am 13 years old. I like to talk and play with my friends. I love to take care of small children and babies. I like shopping for new clothes. I like spaghetti, chapatti, Momos, chowmein and ice cream. I like making cards and different kinds of crafts. Thank you for supporting us!
Namaste everybody! How are you? My name is Krishna. I am 12 years old. I like playing with friends, going to restaurants, going to see new places, playing video games and Taekwondo. I have improved in school very much since I came here. Thank you for supporting us!
Hi! I'm Kumar. I am 10 years old. I study in grade 3. I like to play video games, bicycle, and board games. I like reading and trying my best in school.
Hello! My name is Mina. I am studying in class 3. When I first came here school was very hard for me, but now all subjects are easy! I have 7 brothers and 2 sisters. I like drawing, fairy tales, gardens, little puppies, dancing and singing. I am a blue belt in Taekwondo. Two times I got a double belt when I was tested, just like my cousin Puja. In my last Taekwondo test I sprained my foot, but now it's all better. Two of my brothers are first in their classes. Thank you for caring about us.
Hi! My name is Rupendra. I live in Nepal. I study in class 3. I am 10 years old. I like to play bicycle, roller skating, flying kites and paper airplanes. Now I am a green belt in Taekwondo. I like helping my mom cook. I like to eat momos, chowmein, spaghetti, pizza, popcorn and fruit, especially mangoes. I want to train dogs. One day I hope I can come to America and visit you.
Hi! My name is Jitendra. I am 8 years old. I am in first grade. I love riding my bicycle. I also like video games, flying kites, watching movies, playing Taekwondo, and playing in the woods with my big brothers. I like drawing very much. My favorite subject in school is Gulmohar (English stories). I like peas, spaghetti, fried chicken and chili beans.
Hello! My name is Bina. I live in Nepal. I study in upper Kindergarten. I am 6 years old. I like gardens, wearing nice dresses, going to shops, dancing, singing, playing with dolls, drawing, playing ball and playing carom board. I went to my village in the summer. I like playing with friends. I like fruit, ice cream, momos, pizza, and chowmein. I like my brothers and sisters. I like my house. I like the color blue. I started Taekwondo lessons this year. I have a white belt.

Meet the Children: Sponsored Orphanage in Kenya

Risper Kennedy
and Naom Kennedy are sisters with a sad story of their life. They became total orphans when the Kenyan elections violence resulted in the killing of their parents. Sadly, they witnessed how their parent's necks were cut. Risper is in grade 7, and she is very hard working girl. She learns English, science, and Kiswahili. She likes poems and Gospel music, and she also likes volleyball. She is very funny, affectionate and loveable to all the teachers and all the kids. Her sister, Naom, is 6 years old. She is still very shy with us all.
Winny Ombasa is 10 years old and she is in grade 5. Her parents passed away in a road accident in the year 2004 when she was about five years old. She is a leader in her class. She likes Gospel music, poems and athletics. At first she was so quiet that she wouldn't interact with other children or even her teachers. She is doing very well and doing a lot of better now.
Venny Ngoge is 11 years old. Her mother passed away two years ago of an unknown sickness. Academically Venny is very far behind and has to start fresh in grade 2. She is good in music and dancing.
Esther Mos is also 11 years old. Her parents are unknown. She was found at the Ogembo police station gate by herself. At the police gate Esther was begging for help, and we took her from the police office to our orphanage home. She always struggles with her studies and many other physical subjects but she has shown some improvement in this.
Grace Amenya, 10;
Fridah Amenya, 8;
Charles Amenya, 5;
and Charity Amenya, 4. These children are all biological sisters and brothers. Their parents died a few years ago from HIV/AIDS. When they first came to our orphanage home, most of the time they were crying, and all the time they were very shy with us all here. They would always fight with the other kids here, especially during the mealtimes. Their uncles were neglecting them, and eventually all of them were brought to us by one of their relatives so they could get medications, education, food and clothing. They are doing much better now.
Dominic Oganga is 11 years old. He is doing very well academically and is a very bright boy. He likes playing football and likes playing with other kids. He makes a lot of noise in class all the time. His father was working with police. His father killed Dominic's mother by shooting her, and finally he killed himself by a gun. We are happy we were able to bring him to live here in our orphanage. He is in grade 5 in our school.
Sarome Okongo is 9 years. She is grade 4 . Sarome is 3rd to last in her family. Sometimes she is happy, but sometimes she likes crying so much. She is very affectionate to teachers and co-orphans and to all our school children. She likes jumping, singing and learning math, English, Kiswahili and science. Her father is really mentally retarded and her mother is crippled and blind. Her sisters and brothers are neglected in their family. She was brought to our home by her mother's sister so she could have food, shelter and clothing.
Nyaboke Bichanga. She is 9 years of age. Her only parent, her mother, passed away to the spiritual world when she was undergoing an operation during the time of giving birth to this little angel, Nyaboke. She is now in grade 3 in our school. She likes learning science, math, English and Kiswahili. She also likes netball and singing and playing with other kids, though she is very polite. She used to stay with her mother's parents until she was brought and live with us in the orphanage.
Alexina Oganga is also 9 years old. She is a very wonderful girl. When she was first brought to us she was always scared and kept crying all the time. After about three weeks, she started relaxing and enjoying the company of the other kids. She likes playing with other kids, and she sings very well. Her parents are very poor in the community and are always drunk. She is in grade 3 in our school.
Helvin Okiomeri is age 14 Ĺ years. Her father, who is the only living parent, is blind. She was being neglected in her father's family. She was brought to our home by her uncle to get a help for her. Helvin is really enthusiastic. She is fairly rambunctious, and she likes playing with other kids. She plays netball, and she is a very good runner. She learns all school sub- jects in our school. She is now in grade 8 in our school. She likes reciting Bible verses and poems.
Shem Morara is aged 14 years. He is now in grade 8 in our school. He is from our tribe. He surely is a cheerful, enthusiastic and very bright boy. He adapted to our orphanage home immediately. His parents were killed by thugs at their home state in Rachuonyo district. He likes learning all subjects, and he is very polite. He plays traditional music and running. He is a promising boy academically.
Rhodah Oboko is aged 13 years old. Her father was killed because of a dispute. Her mother married another man and ran away and left Rhodah. She was asked to come to our orphanage home by her grandparents and her aunt, who is selling vegetables and maize. She likes cooking food and likes washing. She is good academically and shows very much promise for her future life. She loves netball and drawings.
Eunice Okongo is also age 13. She always behaves like Rhodah Oboko. She likes learning science and math's. Her vision is that she really wants to become a nurse in her future life. She always smiles and seeks out good company with the children and youths. And she is one of the most affectionate children we have here in our orphanage home. I know that they always feel the joy of being God's hands here in our orphanage on this natural earth.
Daniel Orenge is aged 13. He doesn't know where his parents are now since the violence after the elections. He is in grade 8 in our school.
Isabellah Ombati is in grade 8 in our school. She likes learning English and Social Studies.
Victor Nyakwama is 14 years old. He is always warm and happy in the Kisii New Church Orphanage home. He likes joking with the other children in the home. He is in grade 6, though he is not good in academic status. Still we are working with him to see if he can improve his standards.
Francis Nyambati is also 14 years old in our new Church home. He likes volleyball, soccer and netball. Francis likes to play with other little angels that the Lord has given me to care for here. He always showing progress with his education we offer here in our school. His father is totally mad since 2000. His mother is crippled, and cannot help her family in giving them education.
Fred Okemwa is aged 12. He is also in Grade 6. The boy is a very warm kid who likes his studies. He always scores high marks in his grade 6. Most of the time he is happy and plays with his friends in our home. He likes learning English and math.
Osoro Nyabuto, 13 years of age . He is in Grade 6 also. His life was very miserable before he joined our home. He likes learning so much. He plays soccer and runs long races. He always likes joking with other kids, though some times he fights them seriously.
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